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12.55kg Sunflower Hearts and 12.55kg Black Sunflower Seeds

This bundle saves you money on two of our best sellers - 12.55kg Sunflower Hearts and 12.55kg Sunflower Seed and includes a 12.55kg bag of each (25kg in total). Read more
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This bundle combines two of our best selling products - Sunflower Hearts and Black Sunflower Seed.

Some birds prefer the fast food element of the sunflower heart, being able to just "eat and go" whilst others particularly tits and finches are attracted by the black husk of the whole black sunflower seed.

Black Sunflower are a particular favourite food for tits and finches, as well as many other wild garden birds, black sunflower seeds are rich in oil content making them great for your feathered friends’ feathers and beaks. There unusually thin shells, making them easier to crack for smaller birds. Black sunflower seeds are high-energy, high in fibre and nourishing, with plenty of protein and essential vitamins and minerals.

Sunflower Hearts are a convenient size for most birds and birds don't have to use valuable time and energy removing the husk. They have one of the highest calorie to size ratios of any bird foods and are filled with essential oils. Definitely the birds equivalent of fast food!! 

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