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While you don’t need a sophisticated feeder to cater to the birds in your garden you may find that you’re feeding other wildlife without one – and if there are no problems with squirrels eating your feed, that’s great! Squirrel proof feeders can be very important.

We offer low priced, good value feeders to suit the look of any garden and to cater to the birds you want to attract. Some are designed to support a specific feed brand while others are suitable for use with any feed mix – including your own.

Many feeders which use weight mechanisms to prevent squirrels from feeding can be adjusted to cater exclusively to lighter breeds – and many bird lovers offer one feeder for larger birds and another for smaller varieties.

Once the locals have learned which is which, small birds can feed in peace alongside their larger brethren. This is also a useful tactic if some birds you’re hoping to attract are seed feeding while others are nut feeding!

If you’re not entirely sure which choice is best for your garden, why not contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect feeder?

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