The Nuttery Original Compact Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder in Ocean Green

The Original Compact Ocean Green Seed Feeder from the Nuttery is the perfect feeder for keeping small birds such as; Starlings, Finches and Blue Tits well fed.

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The Original Compact Ocean Green Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder from the Nuttery is the perfect feeder for keeping small wild birds such as; Robins, Finches and Blue Tits well fed.

This small seed feeder comes with a squirrel proof cage which surrounds the bird feeder and the lid is held in place by two clips which both help to stop squirrels and larger birds from being able to feed from the tasty seed inside. 

Finished in a colourful ocean green, this wild bird seed feeder will look amazing in any garden setting, and it is easy to hang up from a branch or hook using the feeders attached hanging loop.

This outdoor bird feeder has been made from high quality metal and is easy to fully disassemble (using the feeders new, wider base) and reassemble - which allows for thorough cleaning which should be done regularly - simply unscrew the base, remove the plastic tube and then easily take out the feeder ports which allows all areas of this bird seed feeder to be well cleaned. 

It is also easy to fill up this quality built wild bird feeder with your garden birds favourite seed. 

*A Note On Juvenile Squirrels and birds

The Nuttery squirrel proof feeders protect against adult grey squirrels and large adult birds.  Some large birds wont be able fit their body through the bars of the feeder but could be able to get their beaks inside the feeder to access the food.

Young squirrels can potentially squeeze into the bars and access the feeder. Young squirrels look very similar to adults but are far fluffier and more flexible! Squirrels are born in March, April, July and August so there may well be a risk around these months. This issue will be the problem of any squirrel proof feeder with bars.  The bar gaps cannot be made smaller as this could be a risk for the birds.  You may also find that young jackdaws, crows and pigeons may find their way in, again this is a seasonal problem.

A dash of chilli flakes mixed in with the nuts or seeds will have no effect on the birds at all but will deter the squirrels if they do manage to access the feeder inside.

Dimensions: H: 220mm x Dia 170mm.

Capacity: 360g.

Please note the feeder do not include a wall bracket.

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Customer Reviews (4)
Squirrel proof
So far they have proved squirrel proof...and hopefully will continue to be so....unlike many previous “Squirrel proof” feeders, that have all been vandalised by these vermin ! Review by Angela (Posted on 15/07/2019)
Cute little feeder - but doesn't stop parakeets!
I hoped the distance between the bars and the seeds would prevent the pesky parakeets that raid my feeders from accessing them - but they can still crane their necks in. I know it's not advertised as parakeet proof!

So if you only want to stop squirrels then this product will be great for you - but if you've a parakeet problem look elsewhere.
Review by Mrs (Posted on 13/06/2019)
Works perfectly!
Does an excellent job of providing seed for only the small birds.
Any spillage is caught on the tray and can still only be reached by the same small birds.
Review by Philip (Posted on 10/06/2019)
Never underestimate a squirrel's IQ!
Our local squirrel was able to swing the feeder so that seeds spilled out onto the bottom tray. It was then able to stick its nose through the cage far enough to scoop out the spilled seed. I have had to lace some garden wire through the bottom section of the cage to thwart the little devil.
Modifying the bottom section of the cage would be a good idea.
Review by HW (Posted on 23/05/2019)

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