Black Sunflower Seed - 3kg, 12.55kg, 25kg and 50kg

Perfect as straight feed or part of a mix, our black sunflower seeds are a great source of energy and essential nutrients for tits, finches, and many more. see more

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3Kg Black Sunflower Seed
12.55Kg Black Sunflower Seed

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25Kg Black Sunflower Seed

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50Kg Black Sunflower Seed

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A particular favourite food for tits and finches, among many other wild birds, is the sunflower seed, and the black sunflower seed, also known as the black oil sunflower seed, have the highest oil content, great for your feathered friends’ feathers and beaks, and unusually thin shells, making them easier to crack for smaller birds.

Remember, if you’re concerned about any mess from discarded seed husks, we also provide sunflower hearts as an alternative. Our black sunflower seeds are sorted to 99% purity to remove stalks. While you may still find a few stalks from that 1% within the bag, these will be ignored by garden birds and cause them no harm.

Black sunflower seeds are high-energy, high-fibre, and nourishing, with plenty of protein and essential vitamins and minerals. We sell them in quantities of 3kg, 12.55Kg, 25Kg (2 x 12.55kg) and 50kg (4 x 12.55kg) sizes and our prices are the cheapest online for the UK - click on this link to see our price comparison page..

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Good price and quick delivery. Thank you Review by Steve (Posted on 12/08/2017)

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