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Brome Squirrel Buster Peanut

Squirrel Buster Peanut 100% Squirrel Proof feeder prevents squirrels and large birds eating the peanuts inside, using a proven and unique mechanism that is 100% humane to animals. see more

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Do you feed Peanut in your garden to attract small garden birds? Do squirrels and large birds take all the Peanuts?

If so the Brome Squirrel Buster Peanut Feeder is perfect for your garden.

The Squirrel Buster Peanut Feeder is 100% Squirrel Proof and is specially designed to feed whole peanuts.

Like the rest of the Squirrel Buster range the Peanut Feeder using a patented mechanism which is activated when any substantial weight is placed onto any parts of the feeder, the feeding ports are closed. The weight at which the feeder’s ports shut can be altered allowing you to determine what size birds can feed from the feeder. These means that this 100% Squirrel Proof feeder is also a Magpie proof bird feeder, a starling proof bird feeder, a parakeet proof bird feeder, the list goes on.

To accommodate the number of birds that like to cling when they feed on Peanuts, the sides of the feeder are made of mesh which allows birds such as great spotted woodpeckers and nuthatches to cling and feed upside down if they choose. The feeder holds 750 millilitres of food.

The feeder has a unique tube ventilation system which helps keep the seed within fresh.

The Squirrel Buster needs to be at positioned at least 18" away from anything as a squirrel could stretch or jump.

A manufacturers 2 year guarantee gives you complete satisfaction in the product and with over 2 million sales satisfaction that it is 100% Squirrel Proof

Dimensions: W 130 x H 280 x D 130mm - inlcluding the handle the height is 700mm

Please note that this item will be despatched in the supplier’s box within a plastic bag, revealing what’s inside. If this is a gift and you would like this to be placed discreetly please contact our Customer Service team before placing your order on 0345 200 5377 or [email protected], an additional £5 packaging and labour charge will apply for this service.

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Customer Reviews (5)
An ingenious design - the birds recommend it.
This is an expensive peanut feeder, but I suspect it will prove worth the outlay in the long run. It's an ingenious design, simple but effective. Our problem is less with squirrels (we love them) as with Mr Ratty, who has recently moved into the area. He is bigger than our squirrel visitors, so the Squirrel Buster should bust him too! In fact we have not seen him after the Squirrel Buster had been out for a couple of days, so hope he's given up & moved on.. The birds took a little while to adjust, but are now enjoying their peanuts again. If I have one gripe about the feeder, it's that it's big & long, and hangs down quite low. Other than that it's good and I would recommend it, - and so would the birds, who can eat in peace again. Review by Hazel (Posted on 21/11/2019)
Really does stop squirrels and pigeons eating all the small birds' food
This is the best peanut feeder I have ever bought. It really deters unwanted diners! Review by Margaret (Posted on 06/11/2019)
The small-mid U.K. garden birds were missing out on the feeder due to hoards of grey squirrels and large birds (including pigeons). Not only was the food disappearing in 36 hours, but the small birds were frightened away.
I bought the seed feeder first - instant success. It kept both away from that feeder. I stopped refilling the peanut feeder and found the small birds returning. I have now added the peanut feeder. It was really funny watching one persistent squirrel unsuccessfully attempting to get at the peanuts & hanging from the bottom before jumping down.
The mid & small bird numbers and variety are growing; we have even got our two woodpeckers back. The feeders are now only attracting this cohort and taking less of a battering. This means that it should last the course. Thank you Brome.
Review by Barca54 (Posted on 06/09/2019)
Definitely a Squirrel buster
The small birds enjoy the feeder and no sign of the squirrel Review by Susan (Posted on 30/06/2019)
Stop feeding the pesky squirrels!
We've owned a Brome Mini sunflower feeder for a couple of years so knew that the operating principle worked and when we saw this peanut feeder we quickly realised that this might be the one that solved our squirrel problem, and indeed it does.
We regularly get a variety of birds feeding on our peanut offering, including Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Nuthatches and a variety of tits. Once they became familiar with the new feeder it was business as usual, but to watch a squirrel being frustrated was a joy !!
Review by Paul (Posted on 27/02/2018)

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