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Premium Squirrel Proof Guardian Seed feeder

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  • A strong durable metal guardian feeder to deter Squirrels and Larger birds(*).
  • 6 metal feeding perches and ports.
  • Designed for feeding seeds and seed mixes.
  • Powder coated in an elegant dark green.
  • Durable plastic tube feeder to protect the contents from poor weather.
  • Easy to fill.
  • Includes a base tray and strong hanger.
  • Food not included.

Please ensure METAL perches are FULLY tightened before use as threads can loosen in transit.  REGULAR CHECKS ARE ADVISED.

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The Love Garden Birds premium metal seed feeder with guardian cage is hard wearing and strong metal feeder powder coated in an elegant dark green. The metal guardian deters adult squirrels and larger birds(*) whilst allowing smaller birds to feed.

You will find a large 40cm plastic tubed feeder inside of the guardian cage, with 6 heavy duty metal perches. This feeder is designed for feeding seed or any other seed mixes. The lid of the feeder opens easily for filling.  

The included base tray on the guardian can be inverted and will function as a feeder tray to catch any dropped food, the tray has drainage holes to prevent the seed in the tray becoming water-logged (see images). Alternatively the tray can be used in the standard position to allow water to quickly drain away.

The feeder comes with a strong metal hook for hanging.

To clean this feeder unscrew the wingnut to remove the base tray, the perches then unscrew to remove the base. Mix some mild detergent with water to clean the feeder, we suggest using a cleaning brush and some bird safe disinfectant or cleaner. Make sure that the feeder is fully dry before putting it back together and refilling. View our range of bird hygiene products here.

* A note on squirrel protection, although this feeder is squirrel and large bird proof we cannot guarantee that the most determined squirrels or large birds won’t get inside of the feeder, particularly juvenile squirrels and birds as they are far more agile than the adults. Birds with particularly long beaks may also be able to access the feeder inside of the guardian. The bars on these feeders cannot be made smaller to protect from adolescent or red squirrels as this would be unsafe for the birds.


Feeder Height – 40cm

Feeder Width – 7cm

Guardian Height – 43.5cm

Guardian Width – 18cm


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Jonathan Cocker 3 months ago
The squirrels have now stopped coming to our feeding station as it’s now impossible for them to get any seeds from the feeder. The dog is now less agitated cos there’s less squirrels in the garden. So it’s a win win
Tim Baldwin 7 months ago
I found the feeder tube to be a bit flimsy, but that's not necessarily a problem. The cage will keep the squirrels out but not a determined pigeon since it doesn't leave a large enough gap. It also means there's not enough room for small birds to use the perches, but they perch on the cage itself and reach across.

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