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Red Barn Premium Peanut Feeder with Guardian

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Ideal to compliment the natural wildlife surroundings of your outdoor environment, the premium seed feeder includes a protective guardian to prevent squirrels from stealing. Read more
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Red Barn Premium Peanut Feeder with Guardian - Small
Red Barn Premium Peanut Feeder with Guardian - Medium
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The Red Barn Premium Peanut Feeder with Guardian deters larger birds and squirrels from eating the contents of the feeder with the protective metal guardian cage.

The central feeder and the protective guardian are made from hard wearing metal with a powder green coating.

Turn the base of the guardian upside down and you can prevent any dropped seeds from falling on to the ground.

Please note, Red Barn Premium Feeders include a metal feeder with a metal guardian, whereas Red Barn Classic Feeders are plastic with a metal guardian.


Small: Height: 30cm x Width: 18.5cm

Medium: Height: 45cm x Width: 18.5cm

*A Note On Squirrel Protection

This feeder can only protect against adult grey squirrels and large adult birds. Some birds may not fit through the bars but could manage to get their head into the feeder.  Adolescent young squirrels could squeeze into the feeder due to their flexibility. The young squirrels look very similar to adults. This is a temporary seasonal issue.

You may also find that adolescent jackdaws, crows and pigeons may find their way in. The bars on these feeders cannot be made smaller to protect from adolescent or red squirrels as this would pose a risk to the birds.

A deterrent of chilli flakes mixed in with the nuts or seeds will deter the squirrels whilst being completely harmless to the birds.


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Janet Burrell 8 years ago
I have given a 'bad' marking solely re the issue of the peanut feeder with guardian - see below. - Within a few hours of putting this feeder out a greenfinch got stuck inside the cage part. we watched it struggle for quite a while until it was clearly exhausted and distressed - we had to physically rescue it. if we hadn't noticed it we are sure it would have died. the problem is with the design of the cage. as the horizontal wire is a single spiral of wire rather than separate concentric rings some of the gaps at the bottom are smaller than the others - so the greenfinch could get in through the 'normal' sized gaps but got stuck in a smaller one at the bottom of the cage. we will be phoning the company about this shortly - we will certainly not be putting the feeder out again and want to return it for a refund but further we want to query whether this product (and others with a spiral wire design should be on sale at all as it is a danger to birdlife.
David Ayre 8 years ago
Arrived promptly but was left outside the back door and not as requested in the outhouse at the back. - The unit was not properly assembled and the securing nut was jammed. i managed to unjam the nut and rebuild the unit though the captive nuts holding the perches were not captive. very poor.

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