Fallen Fruits Leaf Suet Ball Feeder

This detailed green leaf roof suet ball feeder is a unique and quirky twist on a regular feeder, adding a bit of fun and a sense of wildlife to your surroundings. see more

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This eye-catching suet fat ball feeder from Fallen Fruits is suitable for 4 fat balls and features an elegant green detailed leaf roof and a metal hook for hanging from your bird Feeding Station or a tree branch, providing easy access for your favourite feathered friends. 

The green leaf roof features lovely detailing that will blend beautifully and naturally into your outdoor surroundings, while also sheltering your feathered friends from rain. The strong hook allows you to easily hang this unique feeder wherever it will be most appealing to your hungry birds, and the wide caging is ideal for birds who like to cling whilst they feed. 

Please note, this Suet Fat Ball Feeder does not include any fat balls, however you can fill it up with our range of Suet Fat Balls.

Dimensions: 18.5 x 18.5 x 22.5cm


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