Fallen Fruits Cast Iron Leaf Bird Bath

This gorgeous rustic looking leaf-shaped bird bath from Fallen Fruits can be used as either a bathing and drinking spot, or a feeding area for your favourite feathered friends. see more

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A beautiful and delicate looking bird bath from Fallen Fruits, manufactured from durable cast iron in the shape of an intricate leaf. A lovely cast iron feathered friend has already settled on the edge, now it's time for other birds to flutter towards this attraction.

No garden can be with without plants, especially plants that can be used to benefit our lovely birds! This leaf-shaped cast iron tray can be filled with either a variety of seeds or fresh water and as such will provide the birds with a lovely drinking or bathing spot, or feeding area.

Please note, as this product is forged from wrought iron, it is likely to develop a natural rust. This is still perfectly safe for birds to use as it's well within the nature of the old iron. The Fallen Fruits Old Iron range ages gracefully in your garden, developing a natural patina.

Dimensions: 20.3 x 16.2 x 12.5 cm


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