Fallen Fruits Cast Iron Bird Bath

Offer your favourite feathered friends a safe and raised water bath or feeding area with this classic and decorative bowl.
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This gorgeous cast iron bird bath from Fallen Fruits is easy to assemble, adds a rustic feel to your surroundings and can be used as a drinking station, bathing or eating area.

To use this appealing bird bath as a feeding area for your favourite feathered friends, you can simply fill the bowl with our range of straight foods or a variety of seed mixes

The inside of the bowl has a ribbed surface to give the smaller birds a good grip when bathing or eating and can be placed anywhere due to the large foot at the bottom, for extra stability.

Four birds have already settled on the edge, now it's time for other birds to quickly follow suit.

Dimensions: 27.2 x 27.2 x 60 cm


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