Fallen Fruits Love Heart Bird Bath

Used as either a bird bath or feeding area, nothing says 'love birds' more than this gorgeous vintage-looking bird bath in the shape of a love heart.
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One lonely bird has already settled on the edge of this irresistible attraction, now it's time for other birds to quickly follow suit and find a partner for this little cast iron bird.

Adding a rustic feel to your surroundings, this heart shaped bird bath can be filled with both seeds or straight mixes or fresh water and as such will provide the birds with a lovely drinking or bathing spot.

As this lovely bird bath is heart shaped and smaller than an average bird bath, giving it a quaint and charming appeal, why not gift this great piece to a loved one?

  • Can be used as a bird bath or feeder
  • Features a decorative bird
  • Made from cast iron

Dimensions: 17 x 14.9 x 7.8 cm


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