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Wheat Free

Wheat Free Bird Seed Mix

If you’re looking for the best wheat-free bird seed mix, we’ve got you covered. At Love Garden Birds, we stock only the highest quality wheat free bird food for your garden. Our range is available in sizes from 2kg up to 25kg, with nutrient-packed ingredients and free delivery nationwide.

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  1. Wheat Free No Grow Seed Blend
    13 reviews
    • 4.5384615384615 out of 5
    • Mr Trevor Willis

    £3.70 per kg


    £2.78 per kg


    £2.14 per kg


    £1.87 per kg


    £1.81 per kg

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  2. Extra Select No Wheat Mix
    No reviews

    £2.15 per kg

    4kg (in tub)

    £2.63 per kg


    £1.47 per kg

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  3. Wheat Free Seed Blend
    868 reviews
    • 4.7304147465438 out of 5
    • Lilla Dydyk

    £2.70 per kg


    £1.78 per kg


    £1.51 per kg


    £1.24 per kg


    £1.20 per kg

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  4. Johnston & Jeff Premium Wheat and Husk Free Wild Bird Food with Suet
    25 reviews
    • 4.8 out of 5
    • Anne Strachan

    £1.65 per kg


    £1.45 per kg

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Wheat Free, No Mess Bird Seed

Our wheat-free mixes are ideal for smaller garden birds, which also means that you’ll get fewer visits from doves and pigeons. If you’re a fan of small birds, our wheat free no mess bird seed is the ideal option for your garden. It offers the perfect recipe for small birds like finches and tits that normally struggle to get their fair share among larger birds.

Our Premium No Grow No Wheat Seed Mix will offer all the nutrition for smaller birds while leaving your garden free of waste. It also won’t grow where it falls on the ground, so it’s the ideal bird mix.

Order Wheat Free No Mess Bird Seed Today

At Love Garden Birds we make it easy for bird lovers to find the best wheat-free bird seed mix online. We offer some of the cheapest wheat free seed mixes available in the UK and have great selections available if you are looking for now-grow and no-mess blends for your garden.

Use our bird food comparison page to see why Love Garden Birds are the cheapest UK bird food supplier and be sure to read our comprehensive guides. We offer the most affordable prices on wheat-free bird mixes anywhere in the UK and also offer free delivery on orders above £25. Place your order today or call us at 01924 929900 for more information.