Flutter Butter Eco Refills

Are you looking for an eco-friendly feeding for your garden birds? Made with 85% less plastic than original Flutter Butter Pods, these pods are a lot kinder to our planet, while also being kind to the birds. see more

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Starter Pack Eco-Refills
6 x 140g Pack Eco-Refills

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There's something irresistible about this rich, nutty Flutter Butter and your garden birds want a taste! Naturally low in salt, it gives the birds a body-building protein boost that's beneficial for your feathered friends throughout the year.

Now there's no need to keep replacing your empty Flutter Butter pods. Simply push in the mess-free EcoRefill into the housing pod and watch as the birds gather for their no-salt peanut butter treat.

If you already own a Flutter Butter Pod, then you can simply wash it out and easily place a Flutter Butter refill into that, so there's no need to purchase an additional pod, unless you want to treat your feathered friends even further.

Please note, the Eco Refills 6 x pack does not include a housing pod. 

Starter Pack

  • 1 x 170g Housing Pod
  • 2 x 140g EcoRefill Pod

    Eco Refills x6

    • 6 x 140g Eco Refills
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    Value for money
    Birds favourite food Review by Elisabeth (Posted on 20/07/2021)

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