Suet Fat Balls - Delayed Sending

With the UK set to experience some high temperatures, we may delay the sending of our fat balls.

This is because hot weather can cause fat balls to break up in transit. To ensure that fat balls are delivered to you in pristine condition, we may hold shipping these products until temperatures decrease.

The rest of your order will be shipped and the fat balls will follow separately when temperatures decrease. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


One of the biggest advantages of suet foods for the bird lover is the higher energy levels it gives the birds around your garden.

Suet – made largely from rendered fat – provides birds with a highly-concentrated supply of energy, offering more than twice as much energy for the same amount consumed as proteins or carbohydrate.

It was first introduced to bird feed as something to help them get by in the winter alone. As our understanding of how best to support our birds has grown, things have changed – today’s bird suet will usually include insects, berries, mealworm, or seeds according to preference.

We’re proud of our wide range of suet foods and we work hard to keep them the cheapest online in the UK.

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5 Item(s)

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