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Nooks & Crannies Insect Cabin

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This cosy cabin for bees and insects is full of rustic charm, adding a stylish decorative piece to your garden while also providing a safe haven for our incredible insects. Read more
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Bees and various insects are good friends to every gardener, pollinatng plants and helping consume annoying pests. The attractive and cosy Insect Cabin provide a rustic and stylish shelter for our incredible insects while complimenting your bird feeder range. 

Find a nice sunny spot, such as a south-facing fence or wall, to site this Insect Cabin. It's best to site within 600 metres of flowers and a source of water mud if you're aiming to attract solitary bees. 

A large variety of insects are cold-blooded, meaning they are dormant during the colder months and cannot tolerate extensive periods of hot sunlight. The habitats of many species of insects are currently threatened by changes to their environment. For these reasons, it's important for our friendly and helpful insects that we provide shelter which looks like their natural habitats. 

The Insect Cabin includes bamboo tubes and drilled wood. Easily fixes to a tree, fence or wall. 


12cm Diameter x 8cm Deep

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