Peckish Small Bird Seed Feeder

Perfect for creating a safe haven for feeding your smaller garden bird species whilst you enjoy watching the smaller colourful birds such as blue tits and goldfinches visit your garden. This feeder is easy to fill and clean - and keep clean so that you have the perfect view of your feeding feathered friends.

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Use this Peckish Small Bird Seed Feeder to create the perfect safe haven for your small, hungry garden birds - with multiple small entrance holes (H 4.5cm x D 5.5cm), only small bird species such as; Blue Tits and Goldfinches can enter and reach the seed inside this quirky bird sunflower heart feeder.

The Peckish Small Seed Feeder is easy to fill with sunflower seeds or seed mixes by removing the feeders click top lid to access the internal seed tube, also remove this Peckish feeders lid in the same way when its time to clean out your bird feeder - which should be done regularly to avoid the spread of disease and to ensure it is safe for garden birds to use.

Hang up this high quality Peckish bird feeder in your garden using the attached hanging loop, and as this small bird seed feeder has been constructed from clear plastic, when in use you have an unobstructed view of your feathered friends feeding from the tasty bird seed inside this safe, weatherproof small bird feeding haven.

Hang this small bird seed feeder at a height of between 2 - 3m above the ground as this is the approximate height for the flight path of many small wild birds.

Dimensions: H 10cm x Dia 21.5cm.


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