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Premium Sunflower Heart Kernels

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Premium Sunflower Seed Hearts are filled with High protein and nutrition which is loved by most garden birds. Read more
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20kg Premium Sunflower Seed Hearts £2.14 per kg
25.1kg Premium Sunflower Seed Hearts (2 x 12.55kg) £2.11 per kg
50.2kg Premium Sunflower Seed Hearts (4 x 12.55kg) £2.06 per kg

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Due to the horrific events unfolding in Ukraine, there has been major disruption to the Sunflower Hearts market, the majority of which is grown in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries. This means that unfortunately, prices have increased significantly. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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Sunflower seeds present a high-energy, high-protein food source which is rich in the essential oils garden birds need to keep their feathers healthy and their beaks sharp; but they are often messy, leaving husks behind when the birds are done, and can germinate if dropped into fertile earth.

To avoid the frustration this causes some garden owners, many wild bird feed suppliers offer sunflower seed heart kernels, pre-husked so that your feathered friends can more easily finish their meals.

In our experience we have found Sunflower Hearts to be the single best bird food, loved and favoured over other foods by a wide range of birds. We believe the secret of their success is that sunflower heart seeds are a convenient size for most birds, birds don't have to use valuable time and energy removing a husk and they have one of the highest calorie to size ratios and are filled with essential oils. Definitely the birds equivalent of fast food!! In addition the ease to eat them makes them a favourite of softbills such as Blackbirds, Robins and Song Thrushes.

Sunflower Hearts are also called Sunflower Kernels.

Please note, due to how the sunflowers are harvested and being a natural product, the sunflowers can vary in size dependent on the crop.

We strongly recommend storing all bird food in airtight storage containers.

Our dehusked Sunflower Hearts come in 2kg, 3kg, 5kg, 12.55kg, 25kg (2 x 12.55kg), 50kg (4 x 12.55kg).

Please note sunflower hearts are also known as sunflower kernels. 

As always from, these are offered at the cheapest prices online for the UK - view our price comparison page to be sure.


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Mrs Razzell 12 hours ago
The birds love it!
Mrs Razzell 12 hours ago
The birds love it!

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