Sunflower Hearts & Premium Peanuts Bundle

Save more money with these Sunflower Heart and Premium Peanut bundles. see more

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12.55kg Sunflower Hearts & 12.55kg Premium Peanuts

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25kg Sunflower Hearts & 25kg Premium Peanuts

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Save more money with these Sunflower Heart and Premium Peanut bundles.

Choose from either the 12.55kg bundle which contains 12.55kg of sunflower hearts and 12.55kg of Premium Peanuts or the 25kg bundle which contains 2 x 12.55kg bags of sunflower hearts and 2 x 12.55kg bags of Premium Peanuts.

Sunflower Hearts are high in energy and the number one food for any bird feeder. The plump premium peanuts are loved by garden birds, high in oils and fats to provide plenty of energy to birds all year round. 

Sunflower hearts are a totally versatile and easy seed to feed. High in energy, sunflower heart kernels are a valuable and nutritious seed to have in any garden. Best of all, as they have had the husks removed, the birds will eat the whole seed, leaving little if no mess around your feeding station.

Please note that sunflowers hearts are a natural product so the hearts can vary in size dependent on the weather during the growing season and at times they may include a small percentage of chips.

Sunflower Hearts can be fed from a seed feeder, a sunflower heart feeder, ground feeder or bird table.

The Peanuts are 80/90 size (number of Peanuts that fit in the average hand). We source our peanuts from all over the world to ensure that we bring you the best at the best prices. The climate condition at the growing location can have a large influence on the look of the peanuts but rest assured that they have been aflatoxin tested to ensure they are safe for birds. Please note that the appearance of the peanuts may differ slightly to those in the photos.

To ensure we always carry the best peanuts we source from a number of different countries which means there may sometimes be variation in the colour (ranging from red to grey), this is completely normal and doesn’t affect the quality of the product.

Loose whole peanuts can be harmful to young birds as they can cause choking, please ensure that you feed peanuts from a mesh nut feeder to avoid this.

Customer Reviews (3)
Good Bundle
Sunflower seeds work a treat on attracting finches and wrens.
Peanuts bring in the squirrels.
They must be good since I have to fill the feeders every day.
Review by Raymond (Posted on 15/11/2020)
Excellent as usual
Big juicy premium peanuts and sunflower seed hearts.Cheaper to buy them in this combo package. The garden is like Heathrow with little birds zooming in and out for these. Excellent price and quality and service, as usual with LoveGardenBirds. Review by Helen (Posted on 06/11/2020)
appealing combination Review by r d (Posted on 02/09/2020)

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