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Value Peanut Splits Aflatoxin Tested

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Value Peanut Splits are blanched so no mess from discarded peanut skin. Loved by all garden birds but especially fledglings and juveniles. Read more
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2kg Value Peanut Splits £3.50 per kg
5kg Value Peanut Splits £2.26 per kg
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12.55kg Value Peanut Splits £1.86 per kg
25.1kg Value Peanut Splits (2 x 12.55kg) £1.53 per kg
50.2kg Value Peanut Splits (4 x 12.55kg) £1.50 per kg
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Loved by almost all nut-feeding birds, these value peanut splits offer a price saving and reduced mess due to the skins being removed.

Especially good for fledgling and juvenile birds, so particularly useful in the spring although they work well as a year-round feed.

Suitable for hanging feeders, bird tables, or ground feed placement and – most importantly – like all peanut feed for birds there’s no added salt, so it’s perfectly safe for all your feathered friends.

Please note that due to the blanching process to remove the skin, a large number of the peanuts to appear "dirty". This is prefectly normal and does not impair the nutrition of the peanuts.

25kg Peanuts Splits is made up of two bags of 12.55kg Peanut Splits and 50kg is made up of four bags of 12.5kg.

As a result of the high fat content within our peanut products we have had to revert to shipping these in plastic bags.

Please follow the following storage instructions, to ensure your bird food doesn’t go mouldy –

  • Bird Peanuts should be stored in a cool and dry place, in an air tight container (ideally plastic or metal).  Away from direct sunlight.
  • The ideal place for storing your peanuts and other bird food is in a garage or a dark shed, be careful that the shed doesn’t get too warm in the summer as this will significantly reduce the life of the food.
  • You can see our storage container range here

As always from Love Garden Birds, these value eanut splits are available here at the cheapest prices online for the UK.

The Peanuts are 80/90 size (number of Peanuts that fit in the average hand). We source our peanuts from all over the world to ensure that we bring you the best at the best prices. The climate condition at the growing location can have a large influence on the look of the peanuts but rest assured that they have been aflatoxin tested to ensure they are safe for birds. Please note that the appearance of the peanuts may differ slightly to those in the photos.

All orders over £25 (or weighing 12.5kg or more) are delivered free of charge.

For out of areas (e.g. Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands, Isle of Man and outlying areas), please refer to our delivery information for our delivery charges.

Please refer to our delivery information for further delivery details, time frames, options and what to expect.

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