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Wildlife World Bird Feeder Defender Squirrel Baffle

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This aesthetically pleasing copper squirrel baffle combines form and function: The hanging design deters squirrels from raiding bird feeders while its durable, weatherproof construction ensures lasting performance.  No additional maintenance is required. 

Feeder not included.

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This attractive copper squirrel baffle combines visual appeal and functionality. When hung above a feeder, it will deter squirrels from accessing bird food below it.

This decorative, weatherproof squirrel baffle will outsmart even the most agile squirrels. Designed to deter and discourage persistent squirrels of all kinds from feasting on birdseed in hanging feeders, this powder-coated metal baffle attaches above the feeder to a tree branch.

The baffle is constructed with durable, weatherproof, and corrosion-resistant components to ensure reliable, long-lasting performance without the need for additional maintenance.

  • Provides protection for bird food by deterring squirrels and shielding it from intense sun and rain.
  • It is easy to assemble and fits most hanging bird feeders.
  • Designed in the UK and made from heavy-duty, powder-coated, weather-resistant metal.

Where to site the baffle

Locate your squirrel baffle over any hanging bird feeder in your garden. Ensure it is positioned high up and away from a wall or fence as squirrels can jump at least 4 feet from the floor and 6 feet from the side.  


Easy to assemble – position the two washers (top and bottom) and thread together the top and bottom hooks.

The baffle is built to last and is made from weather resistant and corrosion-resistant parts to ensure longevity and proper function. The baffle requires no additional maintenance.

Feeder not included.


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