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Wildlife World Fluffy Tail Cafe Squirrel Feeder

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Welcome to the Fluffy Tail Café, please can we take your order? This cute and quirky feeder is suitable for both Red and Grey Squirrels and can be filled with their favourite snacks to keep them well-fed. Read more
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This whimsical wildlife feeder is a novel twist on a classic squirrel feeder, proving the simplicity is key when designing wildlife products that benefit our furry friends. The Fluffy Tail Cafe features three squirrel seats in a vibrant red colour, sure to catch the eyes of our human and squirrel friends alike. 

We know how clever and cunning our squirrels can be, once the squirrels see the food, they’ll soon figure out how to lift the lid and reach inside. Providing a separate food source for squirrels can take the pressure off your bird feeders and offer you countless hours of joy watching them feast sitting on the colourful stools of the Fluffy Tail Café. Simply lift the lid and fill with delicious squirrel snacks, you can shop our wide range of squirrel food to get started. 

We recommend regularly topping up and cleaning the feeder of any mouldy nuts to reduce the chances of bacteria building up. The best method is to give the plastic screen and hopper a wipe with a damp cloth whilst you clear and top up.

Maintenece is not usually required, however you can apply light oil to the hinge if necessary. It is natural for the wood to move in damp and varying weather conditions. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to refill 
  • Made from naturally durable FSC timber 
  • Strong stainless steel hinge to resist corrosion 
  • Suitable for both Grey and Red Squirrels 
  • 3 novel seats in a red colour
  • Requires little maintenece 


Locate far away from any bird feeders on a tree, fence or any sturdy object at the height of roughly 1.5-2m. Preferably in a convenient filling and viewing position to ensure you can watch the squirrels’ antics for a maximum entertainment factor.


23 x 14 x 20 cm


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