Fallen Fruits Little Owl Box

Little owls sleep and hide during the day to avoid threat, only becoming active during dusk and at night. Our nocturnal friends need a safe space to rest and recharge before their waking hours
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Little owls prefer to nestle in a natural environment, such as hollow trees and caves. Since these nesting locations are becoming increasingly sparse, this 100% FSC certified wood Little Owl Box from Fallen Fruits is an excellent nesting alternative for owls up to 23cm (10.2"). The small section in the front of the nesting box can be used for the chicks when feeding.


Choose a quiet place on a tree trunk at a height of 3-5m (9.8/16.4ft) to attach this Little Owl Box. Place the nesting box in a part of the tree where the leaves are not too thick, making sure the owls can easily reach the nesting box. Make sure the entrance hole is facing South to Southeast, otherwise the rain may get in. Choose a shady spot for the little owl box to prevent the heat from rising during the summer months.
It can be cleaned every two to three years, between the months of October and December. Easy to clean, simply unscrew the two screws on the back.

Please note, fixtures are not included. 

Dimensions: 80.5 x 31 x 52 cm


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