Fallen Fruits Tawny Owl Box

The Fallen Fruits Tawny Owl Box is a cosy wooden nest box that makes a perfect nesting place for the tawny owl. see more

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Tawny owls are the classic 'brown' woodland owls that make the characteristic owl hoot. Tawny owls will not hesitate to occupy large gardens with trees, so if this sounds like your garden, why not fix this lovely Fallen Fruits Tawny Owl Box to one of your garden trees?
Tawny owls also have a wide diet and will eat almost anything from worms to rabbits and are content to nest in smaller cavities compared to barn owls, and the designs of this net box reflects this.
This nest box can be fixed to trees in woodland or in large gardens. Tawny owl chicks start to explore their surroundings well before fledging, and so the box needs to have nearby branches they can climb over.
Dimensions 47.5 x 47.5 x 59.7cm

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